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Yellows always tend to make an appearance and are certainly a #popular staple that works well any time of the year. The color is like a burst of sunshine for your nails. It's great in a matte finish or a shiny gloss topcoat. There's nothing mellow about yellow color!
Surprise nail salon AZ 85379
Pink is such a wonderfully versatile color for nails that there’s sure to be a hue that everyone likes. Use it to create adorable designs from happy smiling faces and love hearts to abstract art and elegant ombre. Whether you choose a sweet pastel or a fierce and vibrant neon shade, you’ll be getting inspired by these pink nail art designs.
nail salon near me Arizona 85379

Ombre nails are on-trend at the moment, and pink is the perfect shade for this design. The smooth transition from dark to light looks stunning and is a great way to incorporate multiple colors. Plus, you can achieve this look regardless if you’re using nail polish, dip powders, acrylic, or gels.
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